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A Rosie Past


Kent, United Kingdom

Posted Jun 04, 2013

I inherited the unimaginatively named Rosie from a friend some years ago and immediately fell in love. This little bird had real personality. She vastly preferred sitting on my shoulder as I did the housework, to being confined to quarters. My boys, aged 7 and 8, promptly fell under her spell too and soon Rosie had not owners, but staff who rushed about doing her every bidding. At the time, we lived in a fairly small apartment, so Rosie was the ideal pet. She took up little room, was easy to care for and cheap to feed and maintain. Rosie was a wonderful mimic, which at times got a little irritating. I lost track of the number of times she 'rang the doorbell' and I went rushing off on a fool's errand. The same applied to the telephone. Busy elsewhere, I would have to scurry off to answer it. No one on the other end, of course, just Rosie looking smug. Then, she learned to fry, hissing and spitting like bacon in the pan, a trick she could keep up for hours on end. The children adored all this and would bring their friends along to marvel at this wonder bird, who would suddenly get stage fright and refuse to perform. Typical woman, my husband groused. We were blessed to have Rosie for four years; she was very much a part of our family. She had her off-days occasionally, though, when she would nip fingers and earlobes and kick up a right ruckus. For that reason, I would say Cockatiels are probably best kept away from very small children. Rosie was a part of our lives, we wouldn't have missed for the world. If you like the idea of a owning a parrot, but cannot afford an African Grey or the like, a Cockatiel is an excellent compromise. Just keep some headache tablets handy for the times the doorbell, telephone and frying pan start up all together.

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