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Gender: Male



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South Carolina, United States

Posted May 29, 2013

I inherited a lovely adult male Cockatiel named Chewy from my neighbor who became very ill. She loved this bird dearly and couldn't bear to part with him, so I agreed to care for him until she was well. This ended up being for roughly two years. I had never owned a bird before, so living with Chewy was a new experience for me. He was fairly clean and normally pretty sweet. He would occasionally get nippy, but it was generally because I did something wrong (pet him the wrong way, interrupt his nap time, etc.). On the occasions when he needed his wings clipped, we took him to the local vet and he traveled well. Since we had multiple cats at the time, we did not feel comfortable letting him fly freely about the house, though I know many people who do this. The logistics of caring for Chewy were fairly straightforward and simple. I could see a child being able to care for him easily, with supervision, of course. Chewy was a sweet bird who enjoyed hanging out on my shoulder and singing me songs that he either heard somewhere or, perhaps, invented. He would repeat a few simple phrases and would repeat whistled songs, which was really a lot of fun. He especially loved to coo to himself in the bathroom mirror. After two years, when his owner was back to full health, I was sad to see him go, but I'm not sure that I would ever have a bird of my own. This is mainly because they are very demanding when they want to be payed attention to, and while it was adorable when Chewy was talking or singing, when he would get in a squaky mood, it was pretty loud and obnoxious. If occasional loud bird tantrums don't both you, a Cockatiel may absolutely be your bird.

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