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Posted May 26, 2013

This review is by no means analytical, or supported by data of any kind. I am merely sharing my experiences with this specific breed.

When I was younger, around the age of 15, I was given my very first cockatiel for Christmas. To the best of my knowledge, my mother and father went to the local pet store and paid the hefty price for the very young bird. At first I was amazed at the amount of silence this little bird displayed, I believe it was because she was very timid and afraid of her new found surroundings, which was expected. Over time however my little cockatiel which I eventually named pearl, grew into a lively beautiful bird loaded with affection and personality.

Throughout the time I spent with pearl I noticed a lot of favorable things that I didn't see in other birds. For one, It became increasingly obvious that pearl was highly intelligent, she was able to obey simple commands, (with practice) solve little puzzles and mimic sounds that I made to her frequently. Pearl was also very affectionate. I have cared for a number of animals in my day and I could compare the level of affection to that of a dogs. Another trait I found favorable in pearl was her energy, she alway seemed excited about something, especially when I returned home from school.

For the sake of objectivity however, I think it's fair to not be completely positive. Cockatiels depending on where you wish to purchase one, can be quite pricey. My parents at the time purchased pearl for around 100 dollars, so if you are apprehensive towards spending any amount of money, you might want to look elsewhere. If you aren't willing to shell out for a rather large enclosure, you might want to search for a smaller bird as well.

-If you are looking for an intelligent smaller breed, look no further.
-Affection and well cared for cockatiels go hand and hand.
-They have enough energy to keep up with the young ones in your life, and then some.
-However they can be expensive to purchase/care for.
-They need larger enclosures, so prepare to pay the price.

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