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Posted Mar 31, 2013

Wow if you like noisy birds then get these birds....lol. Although we tried to teach the birds tricks and tried to get them to whistle on command they would not. All they did is whistle until they got tired of it then they would sleep and later when they woke up they would start again. We had these birds for about 2 years and read all the books and websites we could find and nothing worked to train them. The only thing we found that worked to keep them quiet when we wanted them quiet was we would sit a small toy or something on the top of the cage and they would study it for as long as it took them to figure out what it was then they would start again. Don't get me wrong, we wanted the birds and we did love the birds but we just could not train them so we had no choice but to give them away. I talked to someone who said you need to be around them when they hatch or really young so that they get use to you and trust you and then they will be trainable. They did pick up some whistling from Andy Griffith but that is it and hearing the Andy Griffith theme song over and over was not fun...lol. We did not have the time to train them either, we did let them fly around and it was so hard to get them back in their cage because they would never go back on their own. Also they did funny stuff that they just started doing on their own. One time the smaller one kept escaping from the cage and we never figured it out until we put up a video camera and it showed us that he was forcing his head through the bars and pushing the latch open on the door to the cage. They are smart and can figure things out easy. These birds need a lot of attention and a lot of training to learn anything and you need to get them as young as you can or they will not trust you enough to pay attention to you and learn anything. If you don't mind the noise they make or the long hours you will spend training them then this is a good choice for you.

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