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Bon Aqua, Tennessee, United States

Posted Feb 07, 2013

I got this bird when I was very small (probably 3-4 years old) from a family who I guess couldn't keep him anymore. He was very loyal to me and was basically my best friend/protector. He was very attached to me, and wouldn't let anyone else handle him. He would try to bite other people who tried to grab him from his cage, but it wouldn't really penetrate the skin unless it was a finger end or something. Otherwise, it felt like little tickles haha. He did, however, like my little cousin, who also had blonde hair. I don't know if the hair color and being a kid played any part in it, but she was the only other one I can think of that he liked. I would let him out to fly around a little and he would walk around on the floor a bit. If I was laying down, he would sit on me and take a nap too. While he was out, he was known to leave a few "presents" around. When I was smaller, he liked to perch on my cereal bowl and eat with me. He knew how to say "pretty boy" and would make cute little noises sometimes..I can't really explain how they sounded. He whistled some too. I'm sure I could have taught him more tricks and how to say more words if I worked with him more. He picked up "pretty boy" pretty easily. He was only ever loud if I left the house. He would make an "alert" type noise that was very loud and lasted a few minutes. My grandmother would cover the cage with a towel and he would quiet down. He didn't like anyone to mess with me, so as a joke, if he was out I could hug my mom, or someone and say "ahhhh, Sam help" and he would fly over and peck their head! haha. One time, my uncle was sitting next to me on the couch and just tugged my hair, I said "oow" and Sam flew over, ran up his arm and bit his ear hahaha. I loved that bird. He did this "flirty" type move on his perch sometimes. He would look at me, put his head down a bit and look at me from the side and do a little "scurry" across the perch. It was really cute. He did fly outside on accident once and was in the trees overnight. He came down the next day though after I kept calling for him. My great-grandmother always trimmed his nails and feathers, but if you don't know someone who knows what their doing, you would have to get a veterinary professional for that. I'm not really sure what they charge for that sort of thing. Overall great, loving, fun bird! I will have to dig up some good pictures I have of him. I miss him all the time..

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