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Kalle (Charles) Cockatiel


Alberta, Canada

Posted Feb 04, 2013

Kalle was a good bird, and was friendly and enjoyed petting at times. As birds go, he did not receive any training from me, but was mostly in his cage and let out a few times a week. He shed a lot and pooped a lot, so the cage had to be cleaned about twice weekly or it would stink.
He enjoyed the snacks I would buy for him and stayed healthy. After about two years, I bought him a female to keep him company, and the two were very close. I even bought an attachment to the cage so she could lay eggs. I was rewarded with two babies, and gave one away. The other one became very affectionate, and would always come to sit on my head or shoulder.
Unfortunately, Kalle died during a renovation of our house (I believe he died of stress due to loud noises, I wasn't there at the time) and I replaced him with another male. An interesting thing about Cockatiel's is that they can feel very strong emotions, such as love and hate. This new bird did NOT like my female bird and ended up constantly picking at her and hissing at her and chasing her around the cage. I had to put a separating wall between the two to give her some peace. Eventually, I sold both birds to a new owner as I was moving and couldn't keep them. As pets they are great, but require weekly care, and caution as to not let them out of the house. Once outside, they may never find their way back home, even if they want to; they just don't recognize the house from the outside.
They are quite noisy, and I found that I had to cover the cage at night to keep them quiet. They were otherwise a definite delight to have.

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