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What I love about Gem, My Chestnut Munia


k2kk3, Philippines

Posted Jun 11, 2014

Since I was in 3rd Grade in Elementary, I used to take care of baby chestnut munias that fall from their nests every summer, this helped me experience the food that they prefer, usually, they say that these bird's diet comprises of only rice, so, I fed mine cooked rice, until my 5th Grade in Elementary. That is until I got Gem, I found her along with her three siblings in their nest that seems to have fallen from the tree, all he four of them are still too young to fly, perhaps 1 week from birth. I took them inside, made them a recycled cage made by a plastic jar without a cap, and cut one side of it, so it serves as the door, at first, I fed them cooked rice, but because that we ran out of cooked rice after 1 day,( and also it is hard to feed them with rice, because it is insufficient for their demand of nutrients) I substituted it with wet bread (to be moist, easily eaten by baby munias, in my opinion) after a week, one by one, Gem's siblings started to pass away, (because my sister keeps playing with them, but I always secure Gem well) so for a few days Gem was alone with me, until we found another baby chestnut munia that was almost mauled by our dog, so In short, Gen had 2 new room mates, the first one was the one that was almost mauled by our dog, Blue. The second one was also rescued by us when a light storm hit our area. Gem, when able to fly, I let her go in the morning before I go to school, then whistled at her every afteroon, We did this for 3 weeks, until a storm started at noon that day, and raged the whole night until morning the next day. I looked for Gem for 1 week, but she was nowhere to be found. After that, I believed that Chestnut Munias are able to be domesticated

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