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Texas, United States

Posted Nov 12, 2008

I think these are stunningly gorgeous Macaws.

It's difficult to rate their personalities as a whole because a lot of the personality of the individual Catalina is going to depend upon whether it was sire by a Blue & Gold or by a Scarlet.  As a rule (and we all know about those, right? *L*), a crossbred macaw will tend to take on more of the personality characteristics of the male parent.

There was no way to find out if the father of the one I had in rehab was a B&G or a Scarlet but, based on her behaviors, I'd bet a nickel she was sired by a Scarlet as she had many more of the personality characteristics of the Scarlet than she did of the B&G.

I did not do ratings in 'other things' on this one because she came out of very unusual circumstances and those factored heavily into who she was, so rating just her isn't going to give any fair indication of the Catalina at all - she was shaped by her circumstances.

I can say that she tried very, very hard to come out of her shell; she was interested and observant and, to this day I believe that had she been the only macaw in the house she would have done even better than she did.

If you want the look of the Catalina but the personality traits of the Blue & Gold, make sure you are buying one who has been sired by a Blue & Gold.  And, of course, if you want the personality traits of the Scarlet, make sure it has been sired by a Scarlet.

Most importantly, do your best to find one that is recently hatched and where the breeder will let you come over, feed and interact with your Catalina long before the weaning process.

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