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Very weird bird......And easily the gentlest I've ever met:-)


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Posted Oct 23, 2013

, so I'm going to give a very short synopsis and add to this later if it uploads.

My bird was rescued by a the owner of one of my favorite bird stores and his son from a hoarding situation in Philadelphia – a great many large birds being used as furniture decoration.

She has a genetic defect where her inner outlet doesn't close all the way, giving the appearance of being slightly awake when completely asleep. She also has severe balance issues that the vet is treating by growing out her wings. Other than that, she's absolutely perfect!

The speaking ability, as far as the ability to understand what she's saying, is comparable to that of an African grey. She uses pronouns correctly. She has four voices that I'm aware she speaks in – the one that is presumably her previous owner is mistake about for having that particular person in the room with you(it was only used once, and the sentence was "I'm a bad bird"in response to asking for an indoor voice when she was spooked by a blender-- couldn't rush over fast enough to tell her that she was a good bird, and because of that, I don't particularly want to hear this voice again – even though it's the most impressively human sounding I've ever heard outside a Congo African grey).

Her favorite toy's a cell phone set to speaker. It was also her first toy, as the bird store owners couldn't figure out what she liked.

She's incredibly quiet for most of her vocalizations's volumes unless startled/frightened. This can't be emphasized enough considering this is a macaw. If this is normal for calico macaws, it's the perfect apartment bird for people who insist on having large birds.

She is currently on her second month of being a service animal, which should give you an idea how good her temperament is.

I'll write more year later, let's see if we can get this up :-)

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