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Virginia, United States

Posted Nov 02, 2012

In my younger years, I begged and begged for a pet that I could have for my own. We owned a Yorkie but I wanted something to care for myself. Finally, it was decided to get a bird, and we purchased a Budgerigar, or the common parakeet, as well as a cage.

The common parakeet can be a joy to own, but it does take some work and I wouldn't advise it as a pet for small children. The bottom of the cage will need cleaning at least once every 3 days and the food and water should be checked daily. On top of this, it is a good idea to give your bird a cuttlebone to clean its beak as well as a mirror. The mirror is especially useful if you want to hear the bird coo and sing to itself.

The bird is easy to handle and usually comes with its wings clipped from most pet stores. However, if the owner wants it to remain flightless, be sure to get training in clipping the birds wings or have a groomer who can do so for you. I found my parakeet would ride comfortably on my shoulder, and I had even taught it to give me kisses on the cheek. It was a gentle and sweet bird, with a good temperament.

When handling the bird, be aware that holding it in your hand will result in it biting you to get free. If it gets a hold of the delicate skin between your thumb and first finger, you are in for an eye-watering pain. Otherwise, this bird does not bite and is very gentle.

Overall, I feel this is a good bird to own, particularly if you have never owned a bird before. Just be sure to research it before bringing it home.

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