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Budgies- The beginner's bird


Posted Oct 24, 2012

Appearance: They are nice looking birds. They come in many, many colors, so you have a lot of choices to pick from.

Friendly: Mine aren't very friendly, however this is likely because we bought them from a petco. They will sit on my finger ( Tiger will sit on my finger and preen himself in the mirror), but because I didn't get them from a more specialized breeder, they don't have the best manners. However, my neighbors parakeet was very friendly and loyal.

Trainability: I only trained them to step up, but they learned it well and step up with ease.

Activity level: They move around a lot in their cage and outside of their cage.

Song vocal quality: They make good vocals sometimes, but a lot of their noise is loud squawking. It does get annoying sometimes.

Vocal Frequency: They sing very often. They seem to like singing when I am vacuuming. At night, they stop singing and go to sleep, although they start singing in the morning when they see light.

Words: I never trained mine to speak, but I hear that they are good at it.

Health: Mine are very healthy and have not needed any vet trips for health problems. I have had them for 7-8 years to, so they definitely seem to be hardy.

Maintenance: A lot of seed shells come out of their cage. I would suggest covering the lower half with glass or plastic, which helps cut down on seeds flying out of the cage.

Low cost: They aren't expensive as far as birds go. Budgies are cheap birds ( often costing 15-30 dollars) and the cage is probably the main expense.

Summary: Budgies are good starter birds. They are commonly available and aren't very expensive birds. However, they can provide a challenge for professional breeders to breed the best colors, so they are good for almost all skill levels.

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