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My Dad's Baby - The Budgie


Ontario, Canada

Posted Sep 29, 2012

Years ago, my family was given a budgie, that we named Baby, by a friend who was incapable of training it. Having had birds for many years, we spent some time with her and within a couple of days she came around and started to trust us. Within a month she really showed just how special she was.

We tried and tried but the one thing we couldn't get Baby to event attempt to talk. This was a first for us but ideally we knew that training your budgie to talk wasn't a definite. Then one day, my mom and I were having coffee and a chat while my dad was fiddling around with something in the kitchen, whistling away as he always does. He's a huge bird lover and has an amazing talent of being able to whistle just about any song and bird call that he hears. So he's in there whistling away and I realized - Baby was whistling the exact same thing back!

So we called Dad into the livingroom and told him to whistle something distinctive and sure enough, here comes Baby right up to the door answering him back with the exact same whistle. Baby was talking! We just didn't know her language.

Over time, they eventually just ended up leaving her cage open when they were home. If not, Baby would have made my parents nuts yelling from her door every time she saw or heard my dad, until he would come and get her. She would sit on his shoulder, hair or arm of the chair with him for hours.

She was sweet and wonderful with the entire family but I'll be darned if that bird hadn't fallen in love with Dad. She would visit with us to, get on our finger and whatnot from time to time but honestly, she wouldn't have cared less if we were there or not. The only person she really wanted to be with was my dad. And God help him when he'd be out for the day! She would be so upset when he got home, she'd get up on his shoulder, give his ear a little, "How dare you leave me?", nip and then follow up with rubbing her head along his jaw. It may just be one of the craziest things I have ever seen - but it certainly puts the importance of our roles as pet owners into perspective.

Needless to say, she and my dad remained the best of friends right up until the moment she passed away, while he was holding his little sweetheart in his hands.

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