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Buster & Tweety


Quebec, Canada

Posted Jul 07, 2012

We received Buster and Tweety from my husband's grandmother whom was moving to a new nursing home which doesn't allow pets. Buster was a bluish Budgie, and Tweety mostly yellow.
You could tell right away that they had not been handled or talked to very much because just the slightest attempt to get near to them would send them flying around their cage! We could also see their personality differences right away. Buster was bouncy and would sing happily a lot, but then be interrupted by Tweety who would appear to get annoyed by it! Tweety would also see Buster eating sometimes and shoo him out of the way so she could eat more. They were quite funny to watch!

My initial thought when we were told that the birds needed a home were to take because 1. I'm a sucker for homeless animals, and 2. I thought I would hear beautiful tweeting all day! While I was happy to own them, boy was I wrong about the second one! If you want a quiet songbird I would not recommend them - at least not two together. I think it would have been better if we had separated them into different cages. They were constantly bickering and squawking, even at night with a cover on, and their cage was always flying around because of their fighting.

When they did sing however, it was beautiful, especially our little Buster whom I loved and miss dearly!
I would not however, recommend them for children. They are very difficult to control when out of the cage, and they do not happily return into their cage with a call. You have to catch them!

They are beautiful birds however, and I would recommend them for you if you have older children, or none, and you can let them fly around often. They require quite a bit of exercise outside their cage.

I would also recommend handling them often when they're babies - we did not get a chance to do this since they had been with someone else for years. I think if we had they would have been a little more affectionate and willing to listen us :)

We do miss them dearly though! They passed away this year and I miss hearing their songs and laughing with my son at their antics. Yes, I even miss the squawking!

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