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South Bend, Indiana, United States

Posted Dec 16, 2018

I had a pair of parakeets I kept as a pet for nearly 10 years (which isn't quite that long for these guys as they can live 10-15 years). I bought my pair from a local PetsMart, a male and a female bird. They lived together quite happily in the same cage, which I kept near a window. (I grew up in the southern US so we didn't have to worry about the cold). It was nice because I also fed the wild birds outside and on nice days I would open the screened window and the birds would talk to each other.

Unfortunately my birds never learned any words, but boy could they squeal when they were unhappy! They will let you know. Mine would tease my cat from their cage and then scream when the cat got too close. NOTE: be sure your cat can't open the cage, mine did and we had to put locks on the sliders.

These birds are relatively easy to take care of: food and water daily. Provide supplements like a cuttlebone. It comes from the cuttle fish and is calcium-rich. Many people will also offer their birds fruits and vegetables, just be careful to keep a balanced diet. If they are in a small cage it would be good to let them out but be warned that unless they are trained it will be hard to catch them again.

Birds will also chirp along to the television or radio if you play it for them, it's pretty amusing and it gives them something to do too.

Overall these are a nice little pet to have, and a good option if you are interested in having birds as pets because they are a good introduction to the proper care and training of parrots. Larger birds are NOT beginner friendly.

It's also worth noting that not all veterinarians will care for birds. You must find a local exotics veterinarian that will do so. I recommend you do this BEFORE you take home any birds, better to have one when a problem arises than to have to find one during an illness or emergency.

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