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Acquired: Pet store

Gender: Male



Friendly with owner


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Song-vocal quality


Mimics sounds-words




Easy to feed


Easy to clean and maintain habitat


Pretty and smart, but unsociable, untrainable, and loud.


United States

Posted Jul 18, 2017

Charlie is a handful. I think the clearest way to define his personality is with a pros and cons list, so I'll do that below:

Beautiful bird.
His birdsong is very pretty.
He can be very fun. He loves to run around the coffee table, run around the floor, and he has a sense of humor. This might bother other owners, but he likes to play tricks on people. An example is whenever he's out of his cage, he likes to fly as close to my head as possible and bop me on the head with his wingtip while laughing. Laughter, incidentally, is the only sound he can mimic very well.
He loves his cage, and it's not difficult to convince him to 'go home' when playtime is over.

Extremely stubborn and difficult to train. In three months of constant training, he's only learned two commands -- 'go home' and 'step up.'
When he doesn't feel like following commands, he bites.
He screeches very loudly when he doesn't like something that's happening in the house.
He does not like to spend time with people. He will sit on my hand for one minute or so, but he flies away after that. He doesn't play with humans, he doesn't spend time with humans. He prefers to ignore us unless we're feeding him or he's smacking us in the head.
He mimics one human sound, and knows two words. His laughter is adorable, but he only says 'yup' and 'no.' His speech is not at all clear.

Overall, I think he spent too long in the pet shop with no human interaction. Perhaps three months is not enough to tell, but I don't think he's going to come around. I'm not going to get rid of him, but it makes me a bit sad that he doesn't want anything to do with me if I don't have food in my hand.

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I recommend:

Nutrafin Iron 0.0 to 1.0 Mg/L for Fresh and Saltwater, 50 -Tests

I've been using this since the day I brought him home and he's been consistently healthy.

Jackson Roy

Hey hi, can anyone say what kind of toys can be given to Budgerigar

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