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My Babies: Charlie, Punkito, Manny, and Papi


Glendale, Arizona, United States

Posted Aug 19, 2009

When I was a little girl my mom got a budgie and that was my first pet I tried to take care the best possible but because of a friend who was not considerate it died, that broke my heart. 15 years later I decided to give it another go. I started with Charlie which my husband got me as a birthday present 2 years ago, he was so cute and quiet. I tried training him to like me but because of our busy schedule we decided the best thing was to get him a partner when we were told he was actually a she so we got a boy, or so we thought again. They were so cute together always scratching each other's head and playing and the ocasional fighting over food or treats. They would sing mostly in the afternoon which made me relax when I heard them. The thing is keets are social birds and they always wanted to interact with my quaker which is not a great idea cause he could bite (which he did on Charlie's leg once) them and worst case scenario kill them. We decided to get more birds to make them happier and after advice that we needed to have them in pairs so we got boys. Best thing we did, we have four and they are a handful, gotta vacuum more specially over the summer. I think I can make another bird with all the feathers they molt, they are also a messy bunch when it comes to eating. Had to get more toys to minimize the fighting and each of them has their own swing and plate. They are real cheerful and sing all the time now: morning, evening, day... its so lovely but I must admit sometimes they do get a little loud. They are an amazing bunch and I would recommend budgies for anyone just remember they are social and if you can't spend time with them get them friends so they can entertain each other. I still sing to them and keep them company while reading but they are not trained so I can't really play with them directly which is the bottom side of having them in groups.

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