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The Duke and Duchess of Birdland, Budgie Royals


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Jul 08, 2016

I had the honor of hosting the Duke and Duchess of Birdland when a bird-loving friend of mine went on vacation. The year before, I had "birdsat" her handsome canary. Since she was going on vacation again, she asked me if I could care for the budgies while her mom cared for her other birds. I had had an interesting time taking care of her bird last time, so was curious as to how different it would be taking care of the "royal" budgie couple.

Firstly, I do have to say right away, that these two birds just wouldn't stop singing and chatting to each other. It was pretty much a nonstop music festival, and wouldn't cease until I covered their cage at night. Was it because there were two birds together, and so quite possibly the interaction was on a different level? I have no idea since I don't have a lot of bird or budgie experience, but those budgies really sounded like a married couple.

Food-wise, they were not particularly picky, but they certainly had their likes and dislikes. I remember that I used to feed them a special high-quality bird seed mix, and between the both of them, they were always rifling threw it all plucking their favorite ones. However, my friend specifically told me that I wasn't allowed to refill the seed container until it was empty. That way they would both get their healthy amount of healthy seeds as well, and not just their delicious favorite ones. I would also provide them with fresh fruit and veggies every day, one of each. Their favorites were carrots, bananas, and apples, but they also enjoyed citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines. And, to this day, I still remember that avocado, cabbage, and rhubarb are poisonous.

I had a lot of fun with this budgie couple and looked forward to their singing. My mother particularly loved to sit and listen to them for long periods of time, as though she were listening to the radio. The only complaint I have, and it was the same one as the last bird review I did, was the food mess. The mess these two would make was just ridiculous! Although my mom loved listening to their day-long serenades, she couldn't wait to send them on their way home. She just couldn't handle all of the bird seed flying everywhere.

Beautiful birds, big mess!

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