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Albnio budgies


44000, Pakistan

Posted Jul 08, 2016

Budgie’s are among the top five birds used as a pet all around the globe. Budgies are of many kind based on their size, patterns and colors. Only green color budgies are found in wild, mainly in Australia. These are the primary breed and all other breeds are developed through them. One of the most beautiful breed developed by professional breeders is Albino budgie breed.
Albino Budgie as the name indicates are of pure white color. I also bought albinos for the very first time. They are captive birds and breed under favorable conditions. Favorable conditions means that the surrounding temperature is not too high nor too low. It must be in between 20 to 33 degree Celsius. If the conditions are right, then they breed continually for years. But for good health of birds, it is recommended to take only 3-4 clutch per year. In every clutch, female laid 3-8 eggs and hatching rate is 80% in most cases. It can be 100% and can be 0% depends upon the temperature, moisture, physical health of birds and their behavior. Hatching starts after 19-21 days. Female laid first egg after 6-7 days of breeding and then she lays after a gap of 1 day. One important thing is that during breeding period, do not disturb the pair and cage. Otherwise, female refuse to sit on eggs and may kill the chicks as well.
Albino budgie with pink/blue cere (nose) indicates male and white cere indicates female. However, if the cere of female is brown, then it means that she is on heat and is ready to breed. Generally, at the age of 4 months, male is ready for breed while female only take 3 months to reach maturity. But it is strongly recommended that only use birds with age more than 6 months for breeding. This is because at this age, they are fully grown and developed and feed chicks properly. Under age birds didn’t feed chicks properly and sometime face serious health problems like egg binding, which may lead to death of female, if not diagnosed and treated properly.
Albinos can be trained as well. For this purpose, I use chicks up to age of 20 days. Albinos are very cute and innocent birds. They can easily be affected by viruses and to eliminate this, proper medication is required after every 3 months. You can do this medication on your own. They are sensitive as well and require extra care and attention. They are easy to feed, as their feed is available widely. Moreover, it is easy to maintain their habitat. Their main enemies include cats and rats. However, crows also pose danger to your birds, if they are in open environment.
It is very easy to keep these birds because the cost associated in acquiring, feeding and maintaining the habitat is very low. It is negligible, when we compared with cost of keeping other pets. They are cute and harmless bird and gives a perfect start and learning experience to new entrants.

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