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United States

Posted Jun 28, 2016

Just like many children I simply HAD to have a pet bird. After much pleading my parents gave in and I proudly came home with a pair of parakeets. The male was green and had a very bold personality. At first I was a little intimidated by him because I'd never had a bird before and certainly had no idea how to handle them. To overcome this, I read several books, watched some good ol' VHS videos (hey it was the 90s!) and started on my journey to caring and training for my pet birds.

The male liked to talk a lot and wasn't immediately happy about me putting my hand in his cage to try and get him used to me, but in just a few short days he was happily jumping on my finger and after about a week of only doing that I started letting him come out of his cage for very short periods of time. Eventually I could even put my finger out while he was loose in my room and he'd happily come back to me. I also taught him a few little tricks like putting a ball into a basket when they were presented to him and had to spoil him with fancy treats from the pet store every chance I could get.

We had no health problems with him and I believe he would have lived a very long life had he not had the misfortune of the family cat getting shut in the room with him (ironically that door had a note on it saying to keep the door shut and the cat out....)

I think these are great birds for people wanting to experience a pet bird for the first time. Just keep in mind they do require attention and care. Even though they live in cages that doesn't mean they are just there to look pretty. Just like any living creature, they deserve interaction and love.

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