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A Lesson In Having The Wrong Pet - Shrek The Budgie


United States

Posted Jun 20, 2016

I found Shrek on my windshield wipers, coming out of shopping at a big box store. He was just sitting, looking around. As a pet person, I always have a crate in my car and had a smaller plastic cat sized carrier. He jumped on my finger, I put him in the crate and home we went. I knew that budgies are not wild animals and do not do well in the wild, so I couldn't leave him there, could I?

We had a little yellow budgie named Herman when I was growing up. So smart and fun, he could mimic my parents voices, complete with accents, used to yell at the dog and would call me by my parents nicknames for me. He sat on my dad's shoulder while he watched tv, and used to sing to my mother when she walked into the room. Herman was beautiful and a wonderful pet. I was a kid, age 4 when we first got Herman, so too young for his care and upkeep, that was my parent's job.

Well Shrek, was no Herman. Shrek was friendly, but obnoxious. Birds tend to come alive and chatter at dusk and dawn and Shrek did that. But not a little chatter, or sweet song. He would grab his toys and screech as loud as he could, ringing the bells violently swinging the rope toys and chewies he had and just was a hot mess. He loved to look at his reflection in the little mirror I had gotten for his big cage, but he would scream at his reflection and play peek a boo with himself at a loud level. I tried various toys, I tried music, he was just a loud obnoxious little guy.

The clean up was a few times a week, at least, Shrek would do his business out of the cage all over the wall, I put a seed guard up to help with this, it was always needing to be changed and cleaned. He flung his seeds, his treats, his fresh foods he loved, out the cage in tantrums.

When a friend of mine told me about a woman she knew that had made an aviary out of her screened in porch and was going to get a few budgies, i jumped at the chance. I had hope he would do better with another bird, but if he didn't and remained violent, I didn't wish to subject a new bird to that chaos, so never got another. But this was the perfect solution to both of our problem. I had a pet that was not a good fit at all and he got a big place to fly freely, friends (which he did and does bully) and a big habitat to enjoy for his remaining years. Win/Win.

Budgies are not for me. I will admire them from a distance from now on.

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