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The Awesomeness of The Budgie!


Maryland, United States

Posted Mar 25, 2016

Who never dreamt of flying like a bird? It's no wonder we're so attached to them. Statistically, after dogs and cats, birds are the most owned pets in the United States!

Budgerigars or commonly known as Budgies are just a special example of such. You could say that they are the cousins to the more popular parrots.
Personally, I own two budgies; a male named 'Bucky' and a female named 'Becks'. Just like parrots, these birds can be trained to mimic sounds (this is easier for the males, especiallu solitary ones) and speech patterns. Though mine aren't at that stage yet, but they've come to identify certain sounds with different things.

For example, I got the idea from a movie I watched but, it worked out for me. Once it was time to feed them, i'd blow softly on a whistle while walking slowly up to them. With time I'd be far away and blow the whistle and they'd already be perched on their food tray waiting for me! While talking to them they tend to tilt their heads one side, in a 'trying to listen closely' gesture. Who doesn't love a good listener! Their curiosity and playfulness has made me love them and keeps me thinking of new training exercises to try out!

Like everything good, they do have some bad traits. The most annoying being, they at odd hours have bouts of noise making. I mean, birds are meant to chirp and make noises but, imagine the noise a hen would make while frightened by a descending hawk, and you'll get the type of noise I mean.

That aside, budgies are wonderful birds to keep. You'll never get tired of seeing their bright colored feathers or their curiosity in learning new things. With the saying that, 'a dog is always ready to learn new tricks', I guess these birds are out to prove that, ' What a dog can do, a Budgerigar can do better!'

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