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My First Parakeet " Oscar "


Texas, United States

Posted Mar 03, 2016

I bought Oscar from A local Breeder of Budgerigars. Oscar was blue with some white in color. I had heard one could teach a bird how to talk...so I bought a book on How to teach a parakeet to talk. I followed the instructions of clipping the wings first so Oscar could not fly, then used a sheet and Oscar and I got down in the floor with the sheet over us and I begin with one word... Hello..... and before I knew it Oscar was saying hello. Oscar learn quickly many words.

Now Oscar cage hung in the living room in a corner and we had this cat that loved to come and stand under the cage and eye Oscar. Oscars favorite words were here kitty, kitty. so each day when the cat would come in the house That is what Oscar would say.

We loved to watch the Summer Olympics on the television in the bedroom at night. I brought Oscar's cage in the bedroom.... so he could be with us while we watched Television. Oscar had his toys in his cage... toy balls hanging he could climb, his rings he could play on and he would do this on his rings of 5 hanging...slid down them and hang on with one foot dangling... doing his Olympics. It was a cute sight watching him.

Oscar was a messy bird scattering his seeds when he ate... He loved to see the seeds fall to the floor I believe. and he had this chuckling sound he would make.

When one owns a bird one has to clean cage every other day and make sure the bird has fresh water and food... Oscar was allowed to be out of his cage and he would fly around and then come back to his cage door and climb back in when he was ready.

I enjoyed owning him,, very sad when he died.

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