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Beeper the Parakeet


United States

Posted Feb 01, 2016

Beeper was bought by my mom at a feedstore for me when she adopted two cockatiels at the same time. Beeper WAS originally named Nigel. But after aging some my sister realized he, was in fact a she. Now at first she was pretty quick to bite but after a few days of consistent taming I calmed her down really fast. You do need to be VERY consistent when you tame parakeets down. Or they will lose what they've been taught in taming and become wild and somewhat aggressive again, But she is actually alot more friendly then I'd thought she would be in the first place. She is typically very sweet and friendly very chirpy when she wants to be taken out or when her food bowl needs to be refilled. in her pen she likes to fluff herself up and chirp and whistle when she's playful. I need to refill her water every day, food needs to be refilled every two to three days. her pen needs to be cleaned every other day so that is one thing to keep in mind. they do need pretty frequent cleaning, she goes through her food and water pretty fast, be careful as you clip their wings, clip every 6 months. So frequent maintenance as birds go. She does however, get into times when she gets moody and bites for seemingly no reason but not too often. She eats her special parakeet seed mix, and as a treat she gets a millet which she goes crazy for. I like to give her purified water as I do all my pets. She has a large cuttlebone she loves and I like to put in little bells on strings for extra fun. Any toys are very good for parakeets because they do have a very energetic personality and need constant entertainment. At least one mirror is a must.
So overall review of parakeets, typically loving and playful, loves any and all toys, Millet is in my opinion a highly favored treat. Frequent maintenance is needed as two to three day food refill, everyday water refill, every other day cleaning, Clip their wings every six months and be sure to handle every day because they become wild fairly easy without handling.

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