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Posted Jan 19, 2016

We had budgies in my family from the time we were little kids until after I graduated high school. They're extremely pleasant little birds to be around!

They require enough space to move and spread their wings. Their cages don't have to be huge, but a lot of the cages sold at places like Petco are too small for them, even if they're advertised for budgies. A few toys and perches of different sizes will keep budgies well-entertained.

While a lot of pet store budgies aren't tame and able to be handled, it only takes a few weeks of dedicated work to have them stepping up onto your finger or sitting on your shoulder. I found them very easy to tame and build trust with. They're quieter than other birds, which makes them great for people who live in apartments or can't deal with the noise of a screaming parrot.

They're smart little birds, although I found them to be less expressive than their larger cousins. Mine never talked, but some people's birds do mimic sounds and words, albeit in a their little budgie voices, which aren't always the clearest.

My favorite thing about budgies is how easy going they are. They aren't loud or crazy or destructive like other parrots. Even small parrots like conures can be a handful, but budgies are sweet and calm. They chatter sometimes, but it's not an annoying or unpleasant sound. They're passive enough that, even as children, we could handle them without worrying about being bitten. I enjoyed watching them chill out in their cages or tug on their toys. They're just really easy, relaxing birds to be around. The one downside is that they throw their food everywhere, including your walls and floors. Be prepared to clean up multiple times a week if you don't want your house to be a seedy mess!

I definitely recommend these birds to anyone, whether you're new to birds or have had them for years. They're a joy to work with.

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