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My experience with parakeets (Budgies)


United States

Posted Nov 08, 2015

I have had budgies off and on throughout my life but the pair I decided to talk about today is one I received from a neighbor. This pair was a male and a female who were already bonded and hadn't been handled very much by the previous owner. The owner basically bought them for their child and didn't realize how much care actually went into keeping these special little birds. I have always loved parakeets, because they are really easy to train and easy to maintain compared to larger birds. My pair, named Tibe (Tee-bay) and Angel were already 2 years old when I got them so I really didn't expect them to bond with me at all. But I tried anyways. I was able to get Tibe to trust me rather quickly and he took to step-up training like a pro. Tibe was rewarded by getting to sit outside his cage. Angel on the other hand, like most females of their species, was aggressive and could not be handled. The previous owners had never tried to handle her, so she didn't trust humans and was prone to biting. In my experience, female birds are not as open to being trained and they take longer to form a bond with humans.

Parakeets are also pretty messy, they are birds after all. One of the things that aggravated me the most is when I would fill the dish with fresh food and Angel would go over to the dish and kick the seed out all over the floor! I have no idea why she did this, maybe she didn't like the seed I was feeding her, I will never know. These little birds also make a lot of noise. They chirp, sing and screech, and even fight like an old married couple. Budgies also live for a long time, most people don't realize a well taken care of Budgie can live up to 12 years!

Like in most cases, my Budgies were bought by parents for their children and the children got bored of the birds after six months. The parents cared for the birds until they got sick of them and I had them until they unfortunately got sick one winter and passed away. I really do not recommend getting these small birds for your children, they require a lot of time and work. Most young children have a short attention span. These animals require someone who will dedicate the necessary time and energy it takes to properly train them and care for them for years to come.

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