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81375, Germany

Posted Oct 30, 2015

My family has owned budgies since before I was born.

Budgies eat normal bird food you can get at any supermarket/ pet store. They enjoy the occasional fresh fruit or vegetable slice or even edible plants!

If you enjoy birds more than I do and have enough space to let either let them fly or provide them with a large aviary, they are amazing pets! They are very cute and lovely to watch and it's just the sweetest to see them interact with their partner!
You can keep a female and a male bird together without having to worry about babies as long as you don't provide them with a nest. This is very convenient!

That said, I like wild birds and I would obviously never do harm to a bird but I'm just not a pet bird person. ;) Budgies are very talkative and start chirping as soon as there's light. It's almost impossible to sleep in a room where budgies are kept.

Sadly, Sisi, a white budgie, got cancer and had to be put to sleep. Our other budgie, Mickey, a lovely blue bird, died within a few days of her sister.
That was sad for us but very good for our birds. They originate in Australia where they live in massive swarms so they must be kept with a partner or more at all times.
If you keep them with a partner (=happy) it's very likely that they will not develop a close bond to you. They usually will only become hand-tame when they're kept in solitude.

If you decide to get budgies, this is something you have to be aware of. It's cruel to let them live on their own so when one bird dies before the other you will have to get another. If you wish to not continue keeping them you will either have to give the remaining bird away or let it live on its own.

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