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1030, Austria

Posted Oct 25, 2015

Keeping a budgerigar is an interesting experience, there is a delight in the bird flying around the room and having him share your day and your shoulder.

Rodger was an interesting Budgie. He is firmly in mind as a fat bird. He had a huge set of feathers for a budgerigar, a vivid green and yellow. He would fly around my room and sit on shoulder and nibble on my ears "affectionately". He would chirp away and make a variety of noises and songs. He was not like Captain Hooks' macaw that could repeat certain words, but he could imitate the sounds others made at him (sometimes, although I never figured out what caused him to imitate and other times to not to).

Feeding him was relatively easy, it was a matter of bird seed on a bell. The cleaning, which was a simple once a week removal of the newspaper at the bottom of his cage. He was my first, and only, bird. He never tried to escape and was (fairly) well behaved. He was my first pet, and as a result much loved. He seemed quite happy being left at home, and would enjoy coming out of his cage to circle my room.

Money wise, Medical care was very cheap, until he passed and that was a bit brutal on the parents bank account. The cage was cheap and the cuttlefish that he would happily nibble at can be found down by the ocean for free.

The positive about Rodger was that he was always glad to see you, and that could brighten any day. There is a certain joy to a bird flying around your room and then landing on your shoulder, chirping and then nibbling on your ear. The minus, which is minor, was the stray poo that would end up if he was roving around a room and he was on an unexpected shelf (constant vigilance was required).

Finally, he was alright around other pets. There was a dog towards the end of Rodger's era, and they were generally kept far apart. Which was good, as the dog would eye him... and he would eye the dog.

I am not sure whether Rodger would have been happier with multiple other Budgerigars. It is a possibility, but one I am qualified to comment on, but I would recommend a future owner consider it.

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