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Casey the Beautiful Budgie


0002, South Africa

Posted Oct 01, 2015

I owned a Budgie when I was a child, after much nagging to my Mother about wanting a pet. She made me promise that I would look after him entirely by myself and that she wouldn't have to be involved in any way - so after I promised to be solely responsible for the bird, we got Casey. He was a beautiful bird, inside and out, with stunning blue feathers and a highly excitable personality. However, he was extremely unhappy with being kept in a cage, and attempted to make a bolt for it more times than I can count, Whenever we opened the cage to clean it, to feed him, whatever, he would first watch you coming and sneakily prepare to take flight - then zoom out faster than you can blink. He would often go and hide behind a curtain somewhere in the house where you can't find him. I'm still not sure whether he was trying to make a statement that he wanted to be free, or if he was playing a bit of hide and seek with us. What a cheeky bird Casey was. About a year or so after we got Casey, my Mother found out that she was pregnant with my little sister. We did a lot of research on birds around babies and realized that the feathers, dust, etc would not be safe for the baby, and with heavy hearts we decided that we had to find a new home for little Casey. We couldn't risk damaging the new baby's health in any way. It was hard, but after posting an advertisement in the paper we found a wonderful man to take Casey on as his own. I don't know if Casey is still alive or not, as I never heard anything from him again, but I know that he would have had a wonderful and happy life! (cue the tears)

My short experience owning a budgie was great. They are a beautiful sight to come home to, and extremely fun to play with. The only challenges were the cleaning (can get VERY messy) Escaping from the cage (I guess all birds have a in-built desire to fly free) and the training - I found Casey highly difficult to train. I'm not sure if it's that budgie's themselves take longer to train, or if I just wasn't doing it properly. We couldn't afford to get a professional trainer in at the time, so I read books and asked around for advice on training. Eventually I was able to get him to step-up on to my hand or a stick. Overall I would suggest professional training for any bird (should you wish that they be trained) and spend a lot of time with them so you can gain their trust and love. Thank you for reading my review!

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