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My two noisy and messy parakeets


720115, Romania

Posted Sep 18, 2015

When I was twelve, my father bought me a pair of budgerigars thinking that I would become more responsible if I had to take care of them.

I must say that this bird species needs a lot of your time and attention. This is a con if you do not have enough time at hand. From my experience, I learnt that if you do not dedicate enough time to raising them, they can become depressed and agitated and they can even be afraid of you. Also, the level of trainability can differ from parakeet to parakeet. For example, the female looked calmer and more mature than the male and I could teach her how to react around people, whilst the other one just looked uncouth.

Another thing that I did not like about owning budgerigars was that they were really messy. Every day I had to clean after them because they kept on throwing their food on the carpet. Still, I did not mind cleaning their cage for it was necessary and they had to live in a clean environment.

What you should know about budgerigars is that they are extremely noisy. They used to wake me up every moning really early. So, if you don't like noise and you like to sleep as much as you want, having a loud and lively bird like this one is out of the question.

There were some pros, too. They can be very affectionate if you take good care of them and show them a lot of love. This way, you can also easily train them and maybe even make them repeat some words after you. But keep in mind that not all parakeets are able to imitate words, so you should not feel sad or frustrated if yours does not speak. None of my budgerigars was able to speak and believe me or not I loved them even if it did not feel like they were suitable pets for me.

Another good thing about them is that their food is easy to find and purchase. They eat birdseeds, fruits, vegetables, pellets and do not forget to give them their calcium dose. It can be bought from any pet shop.

Parakeets are adorable little birds who can cheer anyone up because of their lively nature and anyone who has time and patience can adopt one or two. It would be best if the owner would buy two at once because they tend to feel lonely and sad at times.

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