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Parakeets are not for Me


United States

Posted Aug 23, 2015

Birds are definitely the messiest basic small animals that you can get, and parakeets are no exception. I had rescued two parakeets from a hoarders house where the animals were removed. I then discovered that although I was happy to have rescued them and give them a good home, I was definitely not a bird person.

I kept them in a pretty large cage for their size in a spare room. I quickly realized that if I didn’t want feathers and bird feed all over something, I shouldn’t put it in that room. Keeping up with the cleaning of not only the birdcage but also the entire area where it sat, was a constant task. A parakeets’ food consists of tiny seeds that the birds get to after removing the itty-bitty shells. These shells along with molted feathers tended to be all over my guest bedroom no matter how often I vacuumed.

Parakeets are also very difficult to hand train. To hand train a bird means that they will sit on your hand when brought out of the cage instead of flying around your house like a lunatic. Unless you have some experience and a whole lot of patience, these pets are for viewing and listening pleasures only. In the morning, they would sing. They loved it when the sun rose and the birds that were outside began their own tunes and my parakeets would join right in. To some, this might be a peaceful way to start their day. For me, it was too early to be woken up every single day (parakeets don’t understand the difference between a weekday and the weekend!).

I don’t wish to scare people who are seriously considering being a bird owner. I do, however, want it to be understood that just because it’s a tiny bird in a pretty cage, it is a huge responsibility and can be extremely frustrating if you hate the amount of cleaning more then you love your birds, as it was in my case. Birds are very beautiful creatures and many people greatly enjoy their company. I, unfortunately, am simply not a bird person.

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