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My Buddy Budgie


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Posted Aug 16, 2015

Parakeets make wonderful introductory pets for small children. I’ve owned several. I found that the life span for these pets are not long (on average between seven and 10 years) but if you care for them properly you can definitely keep them around much longer. The last parakeet that I owned, a male budgie who I called Richie Boy, lived for seven years and loved to eat, talk and sing. I was drawn to this breed of bird not just for their beautiful appearance but also because of their innate ability to mimic the words and sounds they hear. Some think that you have to train a parakeet to talk but I found that just interacting with them on a day to day basis with positive affirmation and love is all they really need to pick up various words and sounds.

Even though these birds make great first time pets, they’re not for the squeamish. I found that part of keeping my budgie happy consisted of me letting him fly outside of his cage on a regular basis which often involved cleaning up a trail of poop if he stayed out for longer than an hour. I was originally advised to have his wings clipped but I’m not a big proponent of that. You might want to keep your bird confined to one room as opposed to letting him have free range of the entire house. My Bird flew out of the door on several occasions and I can’t express the terror that caused.

I kept plenty of fresh water available to Richie for both drinking and bathing. My bird loved to bathe. This activity warranted constant supervision but it was fun to watch. My bird also loved a varied diet. Besides his bird seeds, he would often snack on bread, greens and apples.

Having a bird is not as high maintenance as a cat or dog but they’re definitely as loyal and will provide tremendous company for you. If your schedule causes you to be away for most of the day, you might consider keeping two birds in a cage as opposed to one. These birds thrive on attention and love company.

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