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Posted Aug 09, 2015

When I was 14, I was given a chance to raise two beautiful blue and white budgies named Bubble and Gum. They were the most beautiful birds I had ever seen in my life at that point. I was so excited.
But as a lifelong dog owner, I realized soon enough that birds are definitely very different than raising a dog. if I think about it now, I think birds are much more low -maintenance but then I again I could be wrong. I did not have any training whatsoever on how to raise a bird at that age, and my family did not know anything either. To my family, my pets were just animals needing food and shelter. I was the one to give my pets the love. But for birds, I just found it so difficult and challenging to love them. They weren't as interactive as my dogs that i had before, and I think I know now that it is probably because of the lack of education I had on birds. Whereas for dogs, I spent hours and hours in the public library reading about dog books and training canines.
But the best thing about having birds were that they were always there. They looks beautiful and they made such beautiful noises here and there. Sometimes they would squawk and sound not so good but they were great! I found their cage to get smelly really often but feeding was definitely easy!
I personally found my birds to be a bit boring.. definitely not for me because I really wanted an engaging animal jumping around the house and asking me for treats, etc. But I think i would consider having birds again in the future when I'm in the house and wanting a pet that doesn't require so much running around :)
I would also love to try and train them in the future with professional advice. I think that would make a world of a difference. Maybe catch up on some reading on birds as well. I definitely learned from this experience that what we put into raising a pet really counts. Do the research, ask for help, then living with any animal could essentially be as rewarding as you expect. Loved them while I had them though, but because I wanted to focus on raising a dog, we gave them away to a different owner a couple years later.

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