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My first pet. :)


30100, Ukraine

Posted Jul 30, 2015

I got my first pet when I was still in school, his name was Kesha and it was a lovely green budgie. :)
First of all I think I made a mistake when buying only one bird. While being a very active and a loud bird it was very shy around us, humans. Kesha didn't like being touched but liked when someone talked to him or turned a TV\radio on for him. It was a very loud bird actually, he was chirping and tweetering all the time when he was awake. And he was awake from an early morning, so if you live in a small house or apartment, be ready to be awaken of 4 am with lots of loud chirrup...
I know that these birds can be trained to sing or mimic human speech, but I'm not sure if the novice can handle such a task. I've read lots of books about training budgies and it is kind of a long process which you should start very early. So my bird wasn't trained and it mostly made sounds which reminded me of sparrows. These were not unpleasant sounds per se but they could be annoying.
The second mistake I may have made is that I believed that these birds were very easy to feed and take care of in general. While it might be so, Kesha died a few months later after being bought. I still don't know why. He didn't show any signs of disease, we tried to keep his diet diverse and rich, let him fly freely around the house but something went wrong.
And that's another thing about these pets - you don't always notice troubles coming.
Oh, and the last thing. It pooped like no tomorrow. No, seriously, there was A LOT of poop everywhere which I had to clean constantly. xD

So overall it's a nice pet, very pretty and if you are ready to invest your time in it, it can become a good little friend, sing you songs and make you happy altogether.
I believe budgies are too fragile and too short-lived to be kept as pets for kids.

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