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My Bird Earl Grey


Colorado, United States

Posted Jul 18, 2015

This review is about my most recent parakeet, Earl Grey, although I owned 2 parakeets before him who all lived long and happy lives. I LOVE parakeets, I think they are so funny to watch and listen to. They bring a little beam of sunshine into the house.

I got all my parakeets from a pet store, which is the only thing I would change if I were to do it over. At the time, I didn't realize I could get a hand-raised bird and that would have saved me a lot of hours of training my parakeets to get on my finger. In fact, I was never able to train Earl Grey to get on my finger despite the hours I put in. He definitely loved me (he would run up to the side of the cage that I was on whenever I was in the room and serenade me with songs) but the moment my hand was in the cage he got frightened. My other birds were frightened at first as well, but I was able to train them a bit easier than him.

Despite the fact that he never learned to get on my finger, we often let him out of his cage and let him fly around the house to have fun. He would always end up back in his cage for some food and water and then we would shut the door to keep him safe.

I've loved all the personalities of my parakeets. They all had similar traits - spunky, energetic, loving (even if they didn't get on my finger).

The only thing I would say is a slight negative with parakeets, or probably most pet birds, is that they do have a pretty loud chirp when they are very excited. They have a lot of other nice chirps, but the "very excited" chirp definitely hurt my ear drums. We had to make sure that they were in a location where we could get away from them when they were "stuck" in that mode.

I would say that it is worth it to get a hand-trained parakeet, unless you really want to spend the time training them. Other than that, they are great little pets!

Our Earl Grey passed away way too early due to a very rare bird disease that we think he caught while moving across the country. =( RIP Earl Grey, you gave us tons of joy while you were here!

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