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A Tale of Two Budgies


United States

Posted Jul 09, 2015

I have owned two budgie parakeets, with wildly different results which I will outline below.

My first bird, Cracker Jack, was a blue, white and black budgie that was given to me by my grandfather, a bird breeder. He hatched him from an egg and hand raised him along with his other birds until he was given to me. We kept Cracker Jack as an only bird, which for this breed I would not recommend, however he seemed to do very well. When I had him, the house was very busy and there was a lot of activity which he seemed to enjoy very much. He was vocal and would respond to you approaching his cage in positive ways. He would also let you feed him from your hand and would nuzzle you. While he wouldn't come out of the cage for interaction, he played constantly with the toys in his cage and was a great pet.

My second bird was a yellow budgie named, Sunny. I got Sunny from a pet store and for this reason don't know if it was male or female. Sunny was a completely different ball game from my previous budgie, and part of the reason I would not keep just one budgie. As I learned once we got Sunny home, they are social birds that most times will not do well with being alone in the cage. Sunny was not vocal and general did not like the cage to be approached. She rarely, if ever, played with the toys in the cage and seemed to display constant stress signs. I think a lot of this has to do with being a pet store bird, and missing out on the interaction of hand raising, so being along in the cage with only human interaction was likely unnerving. Unfortunately, I didn't know enough to help with this problem.

Both birds were beautiful and I would absolutely get another parakeet in the future, but I would be sure to get two for companionship.

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