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The time a dog owner bought a bird


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Posted Jul 02, 2015

My mother bought Trixie, a budgerigar parakeet, as a pet for me to distract me from the dozens of puppies we were breeding outside. It was her hope that I would be so attached to the bird, I wouldn't become attached to the puppies that would be sold eventually.

That said, when Trixie came home with me, she was outgoing, social and very verbal. She loved to play and greatly enjoyed the toys placed in her cage. My brother also had a parakeet and they vocalized from one cage to another. As I had never had a bird before, I did read through one book trying to understand better how to care for this particular species of bird.

One of the things I read in the book and also learned from experience is that they are very, very social. They need attention. I struggled to give it regular attention due to busy schedules, a big family and other distractions. I think this affected the bird greatly. Budgies, as they affectionately called, are calm and tame enough to be out of the cage with you, climbing all over you and playing with you.

After nine months of my bird becoming more and more withdrawn, despite a healthy diet and fresh supply of water, I realized the situation at my home was not the best for this bird to be happy. I found Trixie a home with a veteran bird owner, and as far as I know, she lived a long happy life!

The biggest lesson I learned from this breed of bird, and from birds in general, is that they take learning. You can't buy a bird and hope to just wing it, no pun intended. They are unique creatures, different from the dogs and cats many of us are used to having. This particular breed is so beautiful, very friendly, social, with a wide variety of dietary options and generally good health. However, the healthy and long life of one is dependent upon the care of the owner and the research he or she performs.

I can definitely recommend this breed for someone who is just stepping into bird ownership; I just encourage you to also spend time researching ways to keep the little guy or gal happy, body and soul.

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