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My First Real Pet.


United States

Posted May 25, 2015

When you're six years old, any pet other than a goldfish is extremely exciting. I have loved animals all my life, so naturally, when my parents thought I was old enough to be gentle with a small animal, they bought me a parakeet. He was the perfect addition to our family, even in the eyes of both my parents. They loved that I had something to care for, and I loved Tweety for all the obvious reasons. Tweety was the type of bird that hated to be in his cage. He was so social, that you couldn't let him out to play if you had guests over! Why you may ask? Tweety had a habit of flying from the top of his cage, to the top of your head, and back to his cage again, and he would to this until he was tired of it. He didn't really seem to care if you were tired of him, because he was having fun. I remember my dad reading the paper every day when he came home from work. As soon as my dad would open his paper, Tweety would be right there, reading along with him. It was a hilarious thing to watch, the two of them together, sitting on the couch reading a newspaper. Tweety would constantly try to sit on top on the paper and act as if he was reading upside-down. Though every single time he would land, his weight would send the paper into my dad's lap. After many failed attempts of yelling, locking him in his cage, and the occasional curse word, my dad finally let him have his way. They read the paper together every single day, with Tweety snuggled under my dad's chin. Tweety was comical, as most parakeets/budgies tend to be. He loved to watch TV, sing into the mirror, sit on the edge of you plate while you ate, and sit on your finger as you sipped hot chocolate. Every budgie/parakeet I have owned has been easy to care for, and has had a personality of their own. They are easy to feed, and even when they are messy, don't require much clean-up. I plan to own more birds in the future, but I plan to get a lager, more talkative breed. I have never owned a parakeet that could talk, but all of mine could whistle beautifully.

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