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Tweety the Parakeet


United States

Posted Apr 30, 2015

I had my budgie, Tweety (wildly original name, I know) from when I was 8 until I was 18. She had the typical bright yellow and green coloring that you generally see on Budgies, and was extremely vocal. We kept her in a large white wire cage where she spent her days hopping around perches, trimming her beak, singing, eating, and playing with the various bells we hung from the top.

Having a parakeet can be messy work. The lining of the bottom of their cage should be changed every few days as it quickly becomes soiled with waste, stray food, and shed feathers. Sometimes, she would sit on the perch right before her food bowl and wave her wings back and forth, causing a tornado cloud of bird seed to land on the floor around her cage. If you decide to keep a parakeet, expect to do a lot of sweeping. Also you will either need to learn how, or take them to the vet a few times a year to have their wings clipped. This is for the good of the bird (who can hurt themselves by flying how they would out in the wild indoors) and makes it much easier for you to wrangle them back in their cage once exercise time is over.

Tweety was not particularly friendly but would perch on my finger sometimes, after I’d spent over two years building a bond with her. I’m not exactly a bird specialist, so I don’t know if this is typical behavior but all the parakeets I’ve dealt with have been quite skittish. Building a bond with a parakeet seems to take a lot more work than building a bond with a puppy but can be just as rewarding in the long run! Parakeets can be quite vocal. For me, it was so lovely to have a house always filled with singing but if you are someone who prefers quiet, still surroundings this may not be the right pet for you.

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