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Parakeets are a delight


Houston, Texas, United States

Posted Apr 28, 2015

It’s a delight to have parakeets. With bright colors and cheerful singing and chirping these fine feathered friends put a smile on your face. I had two, a male and a female. They had unique personalities, so distinctive from each other. The girl fussed at the guy all the time. So much so I named her Katharina after the character in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. I named the boy parakeet Uriah just because I liked the name. He was quiet, I don’t think she gave him a chance to speak. But he often flew out of his cage for a little freedom. I kept their cage in my bedroom and closed the door when I let him out so the cat wouldn’t get him. Katharina didn’t like to leave her cage.

Many parakeets can be trained to talk and I tired but never succeed with either one. I remember saying buddy, buddy, buddy over and over to them. But they never said buddy or anything else.

It was fun watching them play with their toys. Uriah loved this little plastic penguin, weighed down at the bottom like a child’s bop bag toy. He’d push it down with his beak over and over, each time it popped back up. He loved it. And both he and Katharina were crazy about the bells made out of seeds.

There are many pros to parakeets:
• Inexpensive to buy
• Low maintenance - Pretty inexpensive to care for
• Beautiful and colorful
• You don’t have to walk them or brush them
• Good pets for an apartment or small living space
• They are good company with their cheerful singing and chirping
• Easier to take care of than most other birds
• They come in many different colors

The Cons:
• Have to replace the cage liner daily
• Have to wash bird droppings of off the edges and corner of the tray with mild soap at least once a month
• Have to change their seed and remove the empty hulls and clean and refill their water cup each day – not much of a con
• Some people find them noisy – it never bothered me
• You can’t cuddle or pet them like a dog or cat
• If you have a pet cat, a parakeet is usually not a good mix – felines can be deadly to birds

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