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Skeeter the Budgie


United States

Posted Apr 21, 2015

Having a budgie was not an experience I was particularly ready for. I'd had so many animals before, primarily mammals, but a friend had two budgies that I thought were just adorable and incredibly interesting, so I borrowed a couple books from the library and then took the plunge after giving it some thought.

But a bird on paper is not the same as a real bird with a real personality.

I was a little skittish about Skeeter because he was so FLAPPY! We had his wings clipped, but of course that doesn't stop the instinct. And the few times he escaped his cage, he would just flap all over the house and hide under furniture. It was like having an extremely small, extremely reluctant child. Especially with how much he tweeted.

Luckily, he had a very pleasant chirp, but he seemed to have a lot to say.

Maintenance was simple enough - Cleaning the cage regularly took no time at all, and the deep cleans were only inconvenient because of his propensity for escape. Looking back, I do wish I had been knowledgable (and wealthy) enough to buy him a much larger cage. The standard size from the pet store wasn't enough room.

In the time I had him, I was able to teach him to "step up" onto my finger and then got him used to hanging out on my shoulder.

As a kid, this was a great experience because he was MY pet and my responsibility and I learned a lot about patience and training. However, he met a rather untimely death when we went on vacation over one week. The person that we'd asked to feed and water the pets forgot about Skeeter (since the food bowl was always full of seed husks, they thought he just didn't eat much). So don't forget to check! I was absolutely crushed to return home to him like that. And never again did I have another bird. Though I might consider it some time in the future.

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