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New South Wales, Australia

Posted Mar 13, 2015

For my 7th birthday I received a little mirror with a bell, I thought it was pretty cool but wasn't quite sure what it was. Everyone had a smile on their face. My Grandad walks in holding a big cage, inside a little blue budgie. I grew up with pets but Joey was MY first real pet, he was mine to raise, and look after and train. Such a wonderful pet to have. I read books on budgie care, came home from school to feed and clean his cage. He was quite the responsibility and a big responsibility for a little kid.

You must make sure their cages are kept very clean so they do not get sores on their feet, this includes cleaning their little perch bars. Make sure they have plenty of 'fresh' seed, as sometimes the husks left behind make it look as if they have food when they don't. And lots of water. On warm days birds enjoy bathing in water, and if you are even going to let them fly around the house which is amazing to watch, make sure the curtains are pulled so if they do hit the wall while they are learning then they do not hurt themselves (put objects away that could hurt them, shut the windows and keep the other pets out) while they learn how to use their wings.

Joey passed away due to a draught coming through the door, we usually kept his cage covered at night to keep him warm but one morning he had passed and we think it was due to the cold. Very sad as handling and talking to a pet as much as we did we were all very attached. Also another tip... parents do not swear around your budgies because these birds are very clever and WILL pick up the language and repeat it back haha. We used to tell him how beautiful he was and he would sit there saying... Beautiful Joey, Beautiful.

Lovely memories. :) (photo attached is not Joey, though the same colouring. Joey was a little smaller than this one)

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