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Green Budgie - aka Parakeet


United States

Posted Feb 04, 2015

My Budgie's name is Poet. I adopted him from someone who was moving and could not take him with her.

Budgies are commonly called Parakeets, but Parakeets are actually very different looking birds than Budgies.

If you get a Budgie when they are very young, you have a better chance to teach them to be friendly and sit on your finger, etc. Mine came to me already wanting to be left alone. He has a nice big cage and seems very happy. I talk to him every day and tell him how much he is loved. He watches me stoically but makes no move to get closer.

When I was a small child, my parents had a Blue Budgie named Chi Chi and my dad would talk to him every day. I remember Chi Chi whistling in response to my dad. He also would ignore my dad if he was not spoken to first when my dad came home from work.

Budgies are very easy birds to keep. Give them a large enough cage so they can move around, toys to play with, good nutritious food and you are blessed with beautiful and melodic chirping and whistling.

I feed Poet commercial Budgie food and use corn cob bedding for the bottom of his cage. This type of bedding works great as it controls the odor and is easy to clean.

I have Poet’s cage right next to my Cockatiel’s cage and they whistle and communicate with each other. It can be pretty but it can also be noisy.

Parakeets are not known to learn to talk. They mostly bring a wonderful piece of the outdoors indoors with their songs. Although they are easy to care for, they do need your inaction as well. So, you must talk to them, make sure their food and water are fresh, and let them be part of the family – not stuck in a corner and forgotten.

Birds live a long time, so make sure you want to invest the time before buying any kind of bird.

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