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Beautiful Chatty Budgies



Posted Feb 03, 2015

My family and I owned a number of beautifully colored budgies both male and female. For the kids they were a great pets as they were, once trained for free flight, an enjoyable and entertaining interactive part of their day. However, for myself I am not one for such a noisy and large bird.

One of our favorite ones looked like his namesake Hedwig from Harry Potter fame. This little budgie was very friendly and smart, learned quickly and actually was the less vocal of all of them. However, Hedwig did not like one of my daughters at all and she just adored her. There was nothing doing, no one but myself and my eldest could handle her. She bit and fluttered sqwacking loudly at anyone else who even came near the cage.

Budgies come in a number of lovely bright beautiful colors and styles. They are pretty to look at and see flying around their cage. Of course they do require a bit of room. The larger the bird, the large the flight room needed. Their cage was long and took up half of the living room wall. I found their cage took up too much room. As we were not able to let them out to fly free until they were properly trained. If only I had a video of the hilarity of these mouthy little birds telling us off while refusing to go back into their cage during training sessions. To give you a perspective of how comical it was think Friends meets Big Bang Theory, all of who are trying to capture loud little flying birds. I had to be the one to train them while the kids were at school too because they would not listen to the girls at all.

Now I did mention that they are a bit noisy. You have to be ready to have their shrill cry be a part of your daily and sometimes nightly routine. I was not. They often kept us up and instead of singing sweetly they squawked at each other and fought often. However as they matured they did settle down a bit and became more the mockers of us which was enduring.

For care they are easy to clean up and provide for. They need lots of toys to entertain thought and I do mean a lot. Like children they seem to have a very short attention span, only all of the time. They need something to contently play, pick or chatter at. They love their mullet and seeds. When they have a bath they make a big mess so ensure when you put in the bathtub for them that you only one or two in the cage to do this. It will be everywhere. It is comical to watch them bath though. Very entertaining to watch them splash each other like kids at the water park.

They are one of the heartier smaller birds with such interaction for the children. They are good size for small hands, once hand trained. A word of warning here that they do bite and nip and will swoop heads. If you have small or skiddish children, I would not recommend them for your family. These birds I believe are better for older families and adults given their ornery nature and penchant for biting. Overall they are an interesting bird to keep and share a home with.

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