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Budgies and Parakeets are as Easy as You Want them to be.


United States

Posted Jan 28, 2015

Fuzz Bucket is one of the last parakeets I have from a breeding pair I got almost ten years ago. She's had some health issues but I have been able to nurse her back from whatever was wrong with her twice. Two of the ways the vet recommended we create a healthier environment were to add pellets to her regular diet of seed blends, and to add a warm sock of rice to the cage whenever she was puffed up. She is happy and healthy now, and hopefully will be for years to come.
Fuzz Bucket is a female parakeet living in a cage with her sister Noel. She's yellow with a greenish belly and she's very easy to handle. She does not bite unless she feels threatened.
She and her sister do call patterns back and forth and they do synchronized dance--I think they are much happier together than they would be on their own.
Fuzz's parents were blue (mom) and yellow (dad), but her siblings have been a wide variety of combined colors.
There are potential downsides to owning parakeets. They have a pretty long lifespan for a small pet--somewhere between 6 and 10 years, so they aren't great beginner pets or pets for small kids. Their cages can be time consuming to clean properly and it's very important that they're cleaned regularly as parakeets have very fragile immune systems. Parakeets also take a lot of training for them to become friendly enough to play with, and even then they need regular socialization to keep them that way. Parakeets also fly fast and if their environment is not protected they can easily hurt of kill themselves by hitting a window or mirror. They can be noisy and smelly if they don't get enough exercise and even then they may stay noisy if there's a lot of stimulation in their environment. Extra toys in their cage can give them the stimulation they need if they aren't allowed out very often or ever.
Parakeets are great, but they are only easy if you want them to be.

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