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Birds are loud and messy!


United States

Posted Jan 26, 2015

My family owned a couple of Budgerigars (commonly known as Parakeets or Budgies) several years ago. I'll put this plainly, it was NOT a great experience! There were several reasons I was not a big fan of the birds we owned. One of the biggest problems was the NOISE!!! Oh my gosh, they were so loud! The would tweet all day long! And if they heard anybody whistling or singing they would chime in. They would chirp if they heard what sounded like whistling coming from the T.V.! If you've seen The Lord of the Rings films, you know that the Ring-wraiths make this screeching sound, and every time I watched those movies the birds would have a fit! It made watching T.V. really unpleasant!

Another problem was the smell! Birds make an incredible mess (which is no surprise to anyone who has a car!). They poop everywhere is what I'm saying. And it is not a pleasant smell! The cage we kept them in was very large and cumbersome, so cleaning it was not fun! But it was either clean it or deal with the terrible odor!

The other very annoying problem we had to deal with was my cat. My cat was obsessed with those birds! He wanted to eat them soooo badly (can't really blame him, he is a cat after all!)! And I don't know if you know this but cat and dog saliva is toxic to birds. One time my cat did get a hold of one of the birds but we managed to get to him before he ate anything. The problem was he had gotten his saliva on the bird. We had to clean the bird very thoroughly and we were very concerned the bird wouldn't make it. Luckily the bird recovered.

So my advice is if you own cats or dogs, don't get a bird! And if you like peace and quiet, don't get a bird! And if you don't like unpleasant odors, don't get a bird!

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