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Budgies - Perfect Pet for those with little space


New Zealand

Posted Jan 25, 2015

As the title suggests, Budgies make for wonderful pets if you don't have a lot of space. Sometimes it is impractical to own a pet such as a dog or a cat - and while they are not as popular, birds can be just as rewarding and entertaining.

Budgies are extremely easy to train, and with a little bit of patience will learn to speak very quickly. With enough repetition they are even able to parrot sentences.

They are easy to clean up after, since their mess is contained to their cage. Cleaning supplies are easy to come by.

They also only require a very basic diet, so this kind of animal is also easy on the wallet.

From personal experience, I was given my first budgie on Christmas when I was seven. It was impractical for me to have any other type of pet, due to the property we lived on. It was very easy as a young child to care for a budgie, as cage cleaning and feeding were very simple tasks. These kinds of experiences can be very rewarding for young children.

Budgies enjoy being out of their cages, and will often flap around the house after you. They appreciate toys in their cages, and you can even take them out when they have exercise and they will chase after them. This was always a favourite past time as a child, to see a tiny bird running across the room chasing after a bell.

Perhaps the most rewarding part was teaching the bird to talk. He wound up picking up quite the vocabulary, ranging from single words to full sentences. He even learned to yell my name, just the way my mother did. He was also able to mimic sounds like the toilet flushing and the phone ringing.

The biggest downside was the fact that these birds have extremely sharp beaks, and they do like to bite. This was rare when he was a young bird, but as he got older, and the less he was let out of his cage, the more grumpy he got. The average life expectancy for budgies is between 5-7 years, but mine lived to 13. By the time he reached double digits, he no longer liked to leave his cage and would often get cranky just having his water changed.

Overall, he was an extremely rewarding pet and is sorely missed. I would absolutely recommend this pet for a young family.

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