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Curious case of a budgerigar


Posted Jan 09, 2015

I got Tilingo as a present for my birthday from my parents - they took me to the local pet shop and I had the possibility to select my future pet out of birds, dogs, fishes, snakes etc... When I first entered the shop, bird was the last thing that I have ever imagined to keep, but when I saw him proudly standing in the birdcage, I decided to give it a try. And now I really have a mixed feeling about that decision.

Tilingo became integral part of my life in a very curious way. He was spending the time out of the birdcage, and out of my reach - up there on the highest shelf in the living room. He was very wild and I couldn't get in touch with him. He was only flying to the cage in order to grab some food and water, and after that he'd go back on his trademark place. I have tried in many ways to get closer to him, but he had no intention of responding to my friendly acts. I was a little disappointed with his conduct. But, somehow I got used to this "professional relation" and the situation never changed.

The most awful thing that happened was that Tilingo had a problem with his beak. As he grow old, and from other strange reasons (biting metal and iron materials), his beak started to grow in a wrong direction - folded in front as a nose. Then, he couldn't eat and the vet said that this is a very serious problem and that his beak cannot be repaired. Unfortunately, it was truth, as I found him few days later laid down on his favorite place.

I really had a very bad experience with Tilingo, not only due to his beak problems, but also due to his not-so-friendly attitude and wildness. For matter of fact, a few of my friends had great experiences with budgeridars, which are the most common birds in the pet shops around.

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