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Scruffy my rescue budgie



Posted Jan 01, 2015

It was a 45 degree C day here in South Australia when I came across this very weak, tired little bird. At first glance I thought he was dead as he was at the side of the road near some bushes and not moving...being the animal lover I am (and also having years of experience with budgies in particular) I rushed over to see if he was still alive. He didn't struggle or try to escape my hold, he just lay...his eyes just open and slowly moving around to look at me. I took him home immediately and set up a house for him separate to my large aviary...

He was very, very weak and tired I didn't think he was going to survive. He looked a couple years old and judging by his colouring, must have escaped from a pet store or house. I placed him in the air con and gave him plenty of seed and water and hoped that he would survive the night before I took him to the vets.

Come morning this little guy was up and chirping away!! Had eaten his food and was looking vibrant. I was so proud of what I had done. I went down to the beach for some dried up cuttle-fish for him to chew on and decided to name him Scruffy (he wasn't in the best shape after all when I had found him!! - so it was fitting).

Now five years down the track and I have had many attempts at training him so he could fly around our living room and spread those wings, but he was having none of it. I decided to release him into my large aviary with five other budgies that we living with me...and he had a ball! He stayed in that aviary for three years until the others had passed away...he was such a little fighter and so happy all the time!!

He is now back in his original home, with all his toys, in the air con and is still such a happy little thing. To think this little guy could have lost his life that day if only I had walked a different way home...We think he must be around six or seven years old but there really is no way of telling.

I think budgies are great for all ages...I had budgies as children and still now as an adult. They are easy to clean, are independent, can live alone OR with other budgies...occasional fighting if there are more males and females (important to keep ratio even)...aside from that they are gorgeous pets all round.

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