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My lovely budgie Lili


Posted Dec 07, 2014

I'm having little budgie Lili for 4 years. She had her pair for 4 years, a male budgie Cvrle. But, he got sick and even so we tried at so many vets to get him get better, poor little guy past away. Lili needed about a week to get over him. Since they had each other through years, they didn't pay much attention on us. Also they always had their freedom. By that, I mean, they were never locked inside their cage. They were flying all the time around the room and at first they would get back to their cage at night to sleep, but, one day they just decided not to get back to cage when is their time to sleep, instead they flew on curtain and slept there. From this day on, because they decided to sleep on curtain, we got for them a little night lamp so they can see if they would start flying around the room in the dark. We know it's not safe for budgies to be free at night while it is dark in the room, but Lili knows (and Cvrle knew too) very well the room, even in the dark. It was just too much frustrating to catch them and get them back in their cage. It was frustrating for them as much as it was for us, so we let it be. Lili now loves to come closer to us and talk to us at their language. So, since she didn't learn ours, I learned their language. Yes, I can sing like a little budgie :)
If you ever decide to let them be like we did, you must pay a greater attention on them then you would do it usually. Also, you would have to try really hard to catch them if you need to clip their nails or so. Budgies also need a help from vet if they get ill, don't forget that ever!! They love vegetables and fruits beside their primary food for budgies, but you mustn't give them too many, because they can get diarrhea, (you have on the internet lists of what you can or mustn't give your budgies to eat). Budgies also need cuttlebone to sharpen their beaks. Love your budgies, give them all they need and they will know to appreciate that, believe me! And enjoy their songs, I know I love them!

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