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My Sweet Budgie!


United States

Posted Nov 06, 2014

I got Sweetie while in college from a friend once he had been weened from his mother. He was my constant companion whenever I was not in class or out and about. He didn't mind spending time in his cage, but he also loved to come watch Tv with me or study with me. Sometimes he'd sit on the shower curtain rod while I showered and fly down to my shoulder to bathe.

I had him for about 7 years and was heart broken when he died. He was a very sweet bird who loved to play and mimicked some sounds. He had learned a few tricks. He was very easy to care for, only requiring a good seed mix and some fresh fruits and veggies. His cage was easy to clean. Seeds and feathers did ends up out of the cage so I'd have to vacuum, but putting a seed guard on the cage helped a lot!

Budgies are great birds for beginners and for kids! They have small beaks so they aren't as intimidating as larger birds. As with any bird, I recommend trying to find one that has been hand tamed, especially if you have children! They seem to form a tighter bond when you don't put a mirror in their cage. If they have a mirror, they might think it is another bird and be less likely to want to interact with you and your family. They are very social birds so, like most animals, you should spend time with them! The more time you are willing to spend with them, the happier your budgie will be and the more you will enjoy them! They get along well with other people and other birds and animals. Sweetie was about 4 when we got our dog and he got along well with the dog. We never allowed them to be together unsupervised just for safety, but he would sit on our dog's back and go for rides. We did not have children at the time I had Sweetie, but he was around a lot of my noisy college friends and he never nipped any of them.

We found out Sweetie was a boy. We suspected he was because the area above his beak was a deep blue. Females tend to be more pale colored there, sometimes almost white or a brownish color. This was confirmed when we put my boyfriend's Budgie, Midge, who happened to have very pale, almost purplish-pink above her beak. A few months later, Midge had laid eggs! Both parents helped care for the babies.

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